The Friendlier Financial Choice

All members are equal owners of the organization and have equal privileges, opportunities and responsibilities. Each member has one vote in the election for committee members and board of directors.

Fees and Charges

ACH Origination Free
ACH Origination Changes $10.00 ( 1 free per year)
ART (Automated Response Teller) FREE
Debit Card Chargeback Fee (Minimum transaction amount $25.00) $15.00 per chargeback
Balance drops below Money Market Minimum $15.00 per month
Box of checks Per quote
Check deposited / Returned NSF $15.00 per item
Commercial Lenders check presentation fee $10 per $100 of the draft
Debit Card First debit card is FREE
Debit Card replacement $10.00
Debit Card update charge – ATM $5.00 per request
Limits/ Reset Pins/ Lost Card/ Hot Card $5.00 per time, first one is free.
Dormant account fee
(If aggregate saving balances are less than $25.00 or no deposits or activity for 36 months)
$5.00 per quarter
Early withdrawal from Christmas Club, Vacation Club or Tax Club $15.00 per time
Excessive ATM withdrawal fee $.50 per item
(first 5 withdrawals are free)
Fax fee $.1.00 1st page, .50 each page after
Forced Closed Checking Account $50.00
HOBO (Home Online Banking Option) FREE
Image retrieval of check written on account $5.00 per item
Incoming Wires 15.00
Outgoing wire transfer fee $25.00 Domestic, $75.00 International
IPay EWay Bill Pay Service FREE ($10.00 per month after three months of non-use if not canceled by member.)
Loan Processing Fee on mortgages $250.00
Loan Processing Fee (small or short term) $20.00
Money Orders $1.00 per draft
Money Order/Corporate Check Stop Payment $35.00 per draft, $160.00 for a range of drafts
Money Order Void/Void and Reissue $10.00
Notary Public Service FREE
Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee $5.00 per item
Phone Transfers done thru Credit Union staff $2.00
Research and Balance Fee $20.00 per hour
Returned item NSF - Check, ATM and ACH $30.00 per item
Returned mail fee $2.00 per month
Statement copy fee $1.00 per page
Stop payment of a check or ACH $25.00 each, $50.00 for a group
Stop payment with un-validated amounts $50.00 initial charge per item $15.00 per item for each subsequent return after
Unclaimed Property Handling $150.00
Tax Levy processing $25.00
Photo copy .25
Non Member Check cashing fee $10.00