WMCU’s Brand New Bill Pay!

Faster and better services, as well as a great new look!

Introducing New Picture Pay

Pay your bill by taking a picture?!  See how easy Picture Pay is by watching the video below!

Peer to Peer Payments (P2P)

Send money instantly to anyone, anytime, at any financial institution using our bill pay service.

Skip the hassle of writing checks, withdrawing cash at a branch or ATM, or wire transfers.  Here are just a few reasons to use P2P by WMCU

  • Pay a hair stylist, babysitter or daycare provider
  • Lend money to a friend
  • Split the check at a restaurant
  • Send money to kids attending college
  • Pay a friend back for lunch
  • Send a cash gift for a birthday present
  • Send funds to a checking account or debit card

P2P is serviced through our free Online Bill Pay for security and convenience.  Once you set up a payeeon our Bill Pay site you may send electronic payments to them anytime using the credit union mobile banking app.  Start sending money instantly to anyone, using just their phone number or email address.

Account to Account Payments (A2A)

You can electronically move funds between financial institutions, to your own accounts, or to other people’s and/or business accounts, 24 hours a day, seven days a week with a mere keystroke

  • Service is free
  • Funds are typically deposited at receiving institution within 1-2 business days
  • Daily limit is $500, but increases are easily approved on request
  • A2A transfers can be setup as one-time transfers or as automatic recurring.
  • All transfers are processed securely via the ACH (Automated Clearing House) network.

Proudly Serving Healthcare Workers And Their Families For Over 50 Years


Proudly Serving Healthcare Workers And Their Families For Over 50 Years

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